ProMyr™ TMR is a synergistic blend of acids and salts. Single acids or salts often fail to control a wide variety of yeasts and molds.

ProMyr™ TMR is optimized to inhibit the potential of aerobic spoilage of TMR by helping to control unwanted microorganisms. Trial data shows that feed treated with ProMyr™ TMR takes longer to start rising in temperature compared to a control TMR . It also shows that the TMR is stable almost twice as long as feed treated with competitor products.

ProMyr™ TMR stands as a game-changer in the realm of Total Mixed Ration management. Crafted by Perstorp's expert team, this innovative blend of acids and salts has been meticulously fine-tuned to tackle a wide spectrum of yeasts and molds and entero’s. Its unique synergistic components ensure a robust defense against unwanted microorganisms in the TMR.

Available in dry and liquid forms, it offers a powerful approach to maintaining the integrity of your feed. ProMyr™TMR Cool, ProMyr™ TMR Solid, and ProMyr™ TMR Flexible effectively inhibit the growth and metabolic activity of unwanted microorganisms. This pivotal action leads to a reduction in heating and undesirable fermentation within the TMR. It helps to have more control over feed quality, with a stabilized ration that retains its nutritional value and palatability, ultimately leading to increased feed efficiency. Less feed sorting by cows means less waste and easier management for the Farmer.

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